Transloading Abitibi

Transloading is the process of transferring a shipment from one mode of transportation to another. It is most frequently used when a preferred transportation method isn’t available for an entire route or destination. For example, when goods are shipped internationally, or across continents.

Octium’s transloading services are your gateway from Abitibi to the North. Moving your important commodities from one transport method to another doesn’t have to be harrowing. We offer reliable, economical, and ISO certified services that will give you peace of mind and give your business better efficiency.

For transloading in Abitibi, Octium provides a variety of transloading options, including:

  • Truck to rail
  • Rail to truck
  • Chassis to rail
  • Rail to chassis service

We also provide a shunt on-site, saving you valuable time!

Increase Shipment Efficiency

Recently, we’ve dedicated a 7,000 square foot transloading facility to increase your company’s efficiency and the opportunity to grow in our service regions. Whether you’re aiming for the heart of mining communities or remote northern areas – we’ve got you covered.

Our new dedicated transloading facility is equipped to handle any type of goods, even if you are shipping dangerous goods. From the start, our highly trained staff ensure your freight follows industry standard processes and safety regulations, no matter what you’re transporting or how complex the job.

Highly Trained & Certified Team

Octium’s dedicated and experienced professionals are ready to handle any type of goods, no matter how complicated, hazardous, or fragile. Our team receive ongoing site and safety training to perfect their skills to deliver your freight on time. Bulked, bagged, and even loose materials have efficiently and safely passed through our site. We also accept and store ISO containers and intermodal containers with our specialized equipment.

Transloading in Abitibi

Octium is no stranger to tough jobs, we can handle unique requirements your business needs. Your valuable commodity is our number one priority. We take pride in our ability to meet custom requests while delivering on time. Optimize your supply chain by reaching out to the team at Octium for your specialized transloading in Abitibi. Contact us or call 1-888-451-4123 today!