Your Gateway To The North…

Octium Solutions Inc. is a secure, reliable, and economical service for transferring, receiving and storing your goods in the Malartic, Quebec area . Our strategic location with direct highway and rail access means we can effectively service mines and communities in Northern Quebec and Ontario. Octium uses local logistics and transport companies who are experienced with the unique road and weather conditions found in the north.

Octium will be there to assist you in creating the opportunity for profitable scalable growth within our service region. The entire process of transloading can provide you with the resources to make organized, thoughtful moves that reduce inefficient trips. In addition, you can gain control over lowering domestic freight spend, transit time, and handling expenses. Our experienced personnel are equipped to take on all kinds of items and materials of any manner, even the most challenging jobs.

Safety is our number one priority at Octium.  Our personnel is fully trained and capable of handling dangerous goods.  Ongoing site and safety training ensures your valuable product is handled with care and caution.


Octium Solutions Inc. practices safe management of dangerous goods in the  protection of human health and the reduction of environmental impacts.

  • ISO Certification (pending Spring 2017)

We look forward to the opportunity to learn how we can help your business grow.