Octium is located in Malartic, Quebec, close to Val d’Or, an excellent location with access to main highways and shipping routes.  Our 60+ acre site is completely secured, locked, and monitored daily.  Safety is our number one priority at Octium and our trusted staff receive ongoing site and safety training to ensure that your valuable product is handled with care and caution.

Our warehousing and storage system can be the key to optimizing your business’s supply chain experience.  With a 6500 square foot heated and completely secure warehouse, in addition to vast outdoor storage, we ensure control over your commodity and products as they are shipped and received from our facility.   

Facility Features:

  • 1500 ft of rail siding, can accommodate 11 rail cars.  
    • Built to highest possible standards post Lac Megantic disaster
    • Connected to main CN Line
  • Strategically located directly on Trans Canada Highway
  • 6500 sq foot heated warehouse plus outside storage
  • Recently completed 7000 sq. ft transloading facility (dedicated)
  • We can also offer order fulfillment and packaging from our warehouse
  • Octium offers both long and short term storage options
  • Crating, blocking and bracing available
  • Fully contained
    • Environmental protection (in case of spills)
    • Ready spill kits and spill plans
    • Fully fenced, secured, locked, monitored
    • Standardized handling work and storage processes
  • Confidentiality and exclusivity
  • Site safety
    • Comprehensive employee safety programs
    • Health, environment policies
    • Ongoing training
  • Community involvement
    • Octium supports local contractors and carriers who are experienced with the unique climate and road conditions of the North

When you choose Octium for your warehousing and storage of your commodity and products, you’re given the peace of mind of knowing that you are optimizing your supply chain experience with a potential for growing your business at competitive cost.