Railroad Access Val d’Or

Railroad access in Val d’Or is essential if you want to serve large cities, gain entry to ports, and reach mining towns or communities in the rural North. To get your product to its destination efficiently, rail transportation is the method of choice. Your company’s cost-efficiency depends on how directly you can access the railroad to ship your goods. Too many unnecessary stops will significantly cut into your profits.

Logistical Efficiency

For your freight to reach Canadian destinations on time, attaining railroad access isn’t sufficient. With numerous rail companies and lines, keeping track of your shipments can become confusing. At Octium, we’ve made it easy. Our facilities have a secure entrance from the TransCanada Highway as well as complete access to CN tracks and stations.

Octium’s ISO certified facility is uniquely located to provide the access you need to efficiently and safely ship goods via rail. Our facility is located right on the TransCanada Highway in Malartic, Quebec. From here, we’re your gateway to northern Quebec and Ontario.

Furthermore, we partner with local logistics and transport companies who have the certification and training to understand the unique challenges of transporting to the North, including severe weather and road conditions.

Our People are The Difference

Our partners are amazing, but our on-site team make the difference. Each member of our organization is a highly trained professional. Our emphasis on training and supporting our transportation experts with ongoing safety and site certification makes accessing the railroad from our facility safe, secure, and efficient – no matter what type of goods you’re transporting.

To facilitate your use of the railway from Val d’Or, we offer transloading services between truck and rail, or between chassis and rail. While we have standardized handling and storage processes for maximum efficiency, we can also adapt our processes to match any special needs. Additionally, we can handle ISO containers, pallets, totes, drums, as well as bagged, bulked, and loose products. Our staff are problem-solvers by nature who can take on unique transportation challenges.

Railroad Access in Val d’Or

At Octium, we help you gain control over the details of your transportation needs to lower your transit time, handling expenses, and domestic freight spend. All you need to do is take advantage of our efficient services, strategic location and expert handling.

Have an unusual request? We take pride in offering personalized solutions for our customers, contact us to fulfill your unique needs for railroad access in Val d’Or.